About Us

Our focus

FaunaSmart core business is identification and quantification of insect-pest fauna present on plants.
Our goal is to improve pest management and introduce more bio-control solutions in agriculture to help farmers take care of their farms in a more natural way.

We do this by assessing knowledge on the exact species composition present in agro-ecosystems, based on DNA, using our Integrated Pest Management platform and products that easily integrate with custom smart farm technology (i.e. PCR drones, GIS). Based on this knowledge, FaunaSmart provides the most efficient solution for controlling insect-pest colonies in an agricultural system, prioritizing the most environmentally friendly and economically viable options.

Building smart farming systems with DNA based precision.

Our team

We are a team of dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of agricultural systems and its complexity. We use integrative approach, by combining knowledge and expertise across the agricultural sector with software and hardware technology to support our mission to deliver healthy plants for an adequate supply of healthy food in the world.

Science and Research

Our science and research expertise allows us to meet the challenges of the future when it comes to producing more and better quality food while lowering environmental risks.

Our team has deep knowledge of insect molecular taxonomy and our practical approach is precise (DNA based), fast and cost affordable for targeting pest species in high value crops. We provide farmers with the most accurate decision support system.

Software and Hardware

Our engineering team is capable of building secure, scalable, and regulatory compliant enterprise applications.

Our 'smart farm' model is to enable integration of all key farming systems that are important to the farmer. Our robust infrastructure provides immediate value to farmers and we guarantee farmers will have deeper insights into their farming operations than ever before.

Leadership team


Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Product Leader & Visionary

As the Chief Scientist and Visionary, Dragana will maintain the long-term vision of FaunaSmart, and will be responsible for leading R&D, product innovations and ongoing IPM commercialization efforts.

Dragana is an experienced Agricultural Scientist (10+years) with a broad knowledge in Plant/Crop Production Systems, focusing on IPM and Biocontrol in IPM. Dragana did her Ph.D. in Agricultural Entomology (focus: eco-physiology), University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (Denmark). Prior to coming to Denmark, Dragana was working at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (Serbia) as a Research Scientist and Assistant Lecturer and at the same time working on her Ph.D. thesis in Agricultural Entomology: Molecular Taxonomy & Systematics focusing on similar species complexes with different susceptibility to insecticides, in high value crops. Dragana conducted the whole Ph.D. research in direct collaboration with farmers, working from a perspective of a Customer Oriented Scientist.

FaunaSmart is based on Dragana's research results and unique know-how of agro-systems that came out from a strong farmers' need for precise, fast and cost affordable pest management.

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Founder, CTO, Technology and Sales Leader

Robert is responsible for building the technical product teams, managing the software/hardware development lifecycle and driving the initial go-to-market and revenue growth strategies for FaunaSmart.

Robert is an experienced software entrepreneur with deep expertise bringing early stage products to market. As a certified Professional Engineer, Robert is competent with data-science fundamentals, machine learning, remote team collaboration, process design and solving difficult technical and business challenges with resource constraints.

Robert has over 15 years of technical leadership and sales experience, and has worked for Fortune 500 companies, startups (founded 4) and is considered a seasoned leader, technologist and business strategist by his peers. Robert built his first software application when he was 13, and has contributed to several open source data initiatives.

Robert continues to create tremendous value by developing, promoting and selling innovative products and services.

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Founder, Market and Business Development, Financial Analysis

Poul Erik Olsen is an experienced entrepreneur with an expertise in market facilitation, cross-sector partnerships, business development and broad experience within all aspects of analysis, financial management, strategic analysis and planning.

Poul Erik is assisting FaunaSmart with regards to funding and business strategy, using his experience and network to accelerate development. Poul has longstanding business relations with China Sourcing, since 2003. China Sourcing is one of the biggest sourcing conglomerates in China.

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Founder, Chief Operations Officer

As an Operational Leader, Sandra will help drive FaunaSmart’s organizational culture, business development and cross-sector partnerships with Government, Associations and Industry, using/sharing her knowledge and network to secure success.

Sandra holds B.Sc. of Social Science, University of Ottawa, Canada & BA Honors in Political Science, Carleton University. Sandra is currently Vice President of Talent Innovation for Information and Communications Technology, Canada (ICTC). Previously a Director of Talent Initiatives at ICTC.

Sandra’s professional capacity includes broad experience in building/securing proposals (for the current company Sandra has fundraised herself 30 million CAD), budget and forecasting, project life cycle management and delivery, communications, partner and stakeholder engagement, business strategy development, mentorship and recruitment/retention practices.

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Advisory team

Nordic region


Strategic Partnerships

Harry Teicher has more than 20 years of experience in the Crop Protection Industry, andin theAgChem & BioScience Business and R&D community.

Harry Teicher supports FaunaSmart in building strategic partnerships and collaborations with AgChem and Biopesticide Industries, as well as in communication and branding the business.

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Business and Market Facilitation

Ejnar Slot is an experienced entrepreneur (30+ years) with an expertise in market facilitation for companies within Europe, and bringing European companies to Chinese market (Market Facilitator China ApS).

Ejnar is helping FaunaSmart to accelerate development by matchmaking collaborations and partnerships.

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Communication Specialist

Oluf Sonne Georg has an MSc in General Biology from University of Copenhagen and a flair for digital illustrations and communication of scientific research. Oluf is providing illustrations, videos, interviews, editing and SoMe for FaunaSmart. Oluf is the one responsible for getting FaunaSmart message to various stakeholders.

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Academic Officer at the Danish Agricultural Agency

Lærke is a pragmatic and systematic person with a tremendous knowledge in applied agriculture. Lærke will support the implementation of IPM Decision Support System by FaunaSmart providing academic advice.

Ph.D. Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, MSc in Agricultural Sciences.

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Software Systems Advisor

Aslak Johnsen holds a PhD in wireless sensor networks from the IT University of Copenhagen and currently is working with distributed systems and data representation as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Energy Informatics, University of Southern Denmark.

Aslak’s background in systems research and distributed systems will come in handy to ground choices in the data processing pipeline.

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Business and Funding Strategy

With a MSc in Agricultural Sciences and a strong business mindset, Anne-Luise is helping FaunaSmart navigate in a fast pace entrepreneurial world. Anne-Luise is employed by North Denmark EU office as a Fundraising Manager, was working 7 years in AgroBusiness Park (Denmark) and she is facilitating business and technology development in the food & agro-industrial complexes.

Anne-Luise has a great agricultural knowledge and a strong “know how” of the Danish agro-business ecosystem and she is successfully matching this knowledge with new business opportunities.

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Central/Easter European Team


Experienced Agricultural R&D Scientist

As an expert in her field Tanja is providing advice to FaunaSmart regarding bio-aspects of the product development (software part). Tanja’s focus is greenhouse production, however, in the (nearest possible) future, her engagement will shift more to open field and greenhouse testing of the FaunaSmart prototype.

Ph.D. in Agricultural Entomology, University of Belgrade/John Naisbitt, Faculty of Biofarming. Experienced Agricultural R&D Scientist (10+years) employed at the Institute of Pesticides and Environmental Protection, Laboratory of Applied Entomology. Tanja has rich agricultural knowledge with a “hands on” experience in testing efficacy of conventional and bio pesticides and biocontrol agents for pest(s) control in greenhouses for vegetable and ornamental plants production.


Crop Protection and Business Development Advisor

Atijana Mitic is an experienced Crop Protection professional with 13 years of working experience in AgChem Industry. Atijana holds MSc in Crop Protection and Food Security from University of Belgrade and currently pursues EMBA (2016-2018).

Atijana is assisting FaunaSmart in business development in the Balkans, and she is using her experience and network to accelerate development.

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