Precision Farming Approach

FaunaSmart is the 1st Company Where Precision is Based on DNA

It all starts with precision

Precision Agriculture is going to play a key role in feeding the world by 2050.

It tackles the variability inherent in farming systems to improve productivity and profitability and to reduce risks and environmental impact. It involves the application of information and communications technology software and hardware to farming. Integrated systems cycle through data collection, its use in decision-support models and enterprise management, operations, analysis and evaluation.

FaunaSmart is the first precision agriculture company where precision is based on DNA. We offer more practical, real time connected Integrated Pest Management.

We use drone as a tool for monitoring, field sampling and real-time DNA identification of insect colonies in their early developmental stages. Based on the assessed real-time knowledge of species composition, we further offer the most efficient and least environmentally harmful solution for controlling pest(s) in particular agro-ecosystem.

We realized

Many surveillance techniques track aerial insect fauna using diverse trap methods, e.g. sticky traps, suction traps, pheromone traps and many others. Real-time monitoring of aerial insect fauna using lidars has been developed as well.

All of these surveillance techniques are focused on insects in flight, and we do encourage farmers to use them since they are providing information of insect-pest flight activity and abundance which is indicative of pest(s) attack.

However, it is important to draw attention that overall aerial insect-pest fauna will not become pests per se but only if insect-pests pass certain criteria to establish on plants - to be able to feed and reproduce and develop colonies. Only then, they are considered as insect-pests.

Insect-pest colonies feeding and reproducing on plants need to be kept under control since they are the ones causing economic injuries and directly decreasing the yield.

Knowledge of the exact species composition established on plants is of great importance to improve control measures and provide the best solutions for farm management.

Our advantage

FaunaSmart provides monitoring of insect colonies on plants using real-time DNA analysis.

We further use this knowledge of the exact species composition and presence of similar species complexes in a tested agricultural system to predict species development and economic threshold levels. Based on these estimates, we provide the best solution(s) to our customers.

FaunaSmart is targeting diverse group of species of a great economic importance in agricultural ecosystems.

With in depth knowledge of the exact species composition we will be able to look closer into a field variability and design strategy for each of these areas. We treat each section of a field like a small business unit, one that's profitable or not. Based on this real-time knowledge, we provide the best solutions to minimize the percentage (%) of each field that isn't generating a positive revenue.

FaunaSmart provides many opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and help you turn field variability into higher return per acre!